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The Emile Noël oil-works realizes its sourcing worldwide by respecting the organic and BIOPARTNER label. United exchanges which respect the organic farming.
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Countries where we practise our sourcing


Subsidiaries approved BIOPARTENAIRE®


Varieties of oil-producing seeds

Stable global sourcing

To ensure the sustainability and quality of its supplies, Huilerie Emile Noël operates supply chains that meet “responsible and solidarity-based trade” specifications; and special partnerships with its raw-materials suppliers.

HEN group builds up, develops and settle all steps to ensure the continued existence of its organically grown production projects of oil producing seeds and fruits.
Thus implements responsible agricultural, economic, social and environmental practices which are edited by the ESR Ecocert Specifications and labelled as BIOPARTENAIRE®.


Our sourcing map


Because we are going to look for the best of every ingredient all over the world.


By clicking on the different countries, from the sourcing map below, you can see the seeds, fruits or flowers from each country.

More details on each ingredient visit the page Ingredients

For high-quality oils, either for food or cosmetics purposes, the best quality of fruits or seeds should be sourced.

Only with long lasting partnership, equity and confidence can high-quality production be assumed.

Convinced from the first time by organic agriculture, we have organized our own supply chains with worldwide producers in order to promote their qualified know-how and to assure our own supply - Security, Quality, Traceability and transparency.

Pour fournir les meilleures huiles alimentaires et cosmétiques, il nous faut les meilleures graines et fruits oléagineux. On ne les obtient que par des partenariats inscrits dans la durée, la confiance et l’équité. Fidèle depuis toujours à l’agriculture biologique, nous avons organisé nos propres filières avec des producteurs du monde entier pour promouvoir la qualité de leurs savoir-faire et garantir nos approvisionnements (sécurité, qualité, traçabilité, transparence).

Therefore, we pretend our supply from complicated circuits, traders and middleman, speculation to favor safe logical :

To be the more nearest from man, from nature, from biological territories, and create strong and log lasting links with producers thanks faire trade and winning-winning sales agreements.

Un engagement solidaire au Mali

  • A solidarity partnership

    African producers partner over 25 years ago, l’Huilerie Emile Noel grants the Faire Trade approach with its Sesame production in mali with different programs.

  • A wide program

    Our Organic Faire Trade Sesame program in Mali has expand within 10 years to 8000 producers over 153 villages.

  • A vital Network

    The Program now directly or not concern 100 000 people around producers, which Sesame earning reach between 30 up to 70% out of their annual incomes.